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UNFI helps new and existing owners successfully open, manage and grow their grocery business. We pride ourselves on the ability to leverage our size and scale to deliver national programs benefitting our entire network of retailers, while recognizing the importance of being locally relevant. By joining UNFI, you immediately become part of one of the United States’ largest networks and one of the most successful wholesalers nationally.

Fresh Difference
UNFI provides your customers with an amazing fresh experience and a primary source solution for your stores.  Strong offerings, quality products and the ease of working with a single provider are just a few reasons we believe our fresh approach in produce/floral, meat/seafood and bakery/deli is the smart choice for retailers everywhere.

Account Management
UNFI supports each of our customers with a dedicated sales and operations staff. They provide expert knowledge, strategic planning and experience to ensure we meet your specific store needs. 

  • Account Managers – Focused on maximizing sales and profitability, our account managers provide marketing expertise, including advertising, in-store promotions, community events and seasonal transitions.  They also counsel retailers on inventory, shrink and labor management.
  • Consultants – From category mix guidance to new product release planning and implementation, our consultants (center store, fresh and GM/HBC) work to ensure your store assortment is relevant and visually compelling. Their knowledge of trends and commodities along with attention to merchandising detail and promotion showcases your entire store as top of class in your marketplace.

Logistics Leader
UNFI ships over 600 million cases of product annually. Through our 60 distribution centers and specialty warehouses, we serve thousands of retailers throughout the United States and Canada.  We offer state-of-the-art retailer and vendor technology, and pride ourselves on our high service levels, accuracy, and on-time delivery.

Professional Services
Proven technologies, personalized for you.  UNFI Professional Services offers a complete suite of tools and capabilities to run your retail operation so you can focus on your customers: market analysis, eCommerce, cyber security, marketing, training, HR, finance, store design, technology services and more.   We help retailers be more strategic in every aspect of their growing business. Click here to see our Professional Services portfolio (opens in a new window).

Network on a National Scale
Each summer, UNFI brings its wholesale customers, vendors and employees together for our International Sales Expo: 160,000 square feet of show floor, bringing retailers direct access to new items and seasonal merchandising solutions, as well as products and promotions not available anywhere else.  Through demos, workshops, seminars and keynote addresses we arm you with knowledge vital to managing your store and provide you the opportunity to network with nearly 5,000 attendees in an innovative and exciting environment. The 2019 National Expo will be held in July in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Visit the Expo Website (opens in a new window).