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Military Grocery Distribution




UNFI is one of the top distributors in the military resale industry. We currently serve commissaries, central distribution centers and exchanges on 184 military bases in 36 states plus the District of Columbia and in Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Cuba, Europe, Guam, Japan, Korea and Okinawa. With our high service levels, exceptional customer service and frequent deliveries, we’re proud to bring the best and most familiar products to service families in the U.S. and abroad.

Why UNFI Military?

With this kind of reach, combined with our purchasing for independent retailers, we’re able to offer the greatest buying power of all distributors in the military resale business. This makes UNFI the only distributor where synergy of military volume can actually lower a retailer’s fees. Furthermore, with shipping to both military commissaries and independent retail stores out of the same DC, our service levels are traditionally higher and salvage rates on perishable are minimal. Working with our national logistics network, we’re able to offer industry-leading efficiency, speed and accuracy. Our national military sales and distribution office offers you one point of contact for all your business, as we have a dedicated merchandising staff for each vendor and broker – a call to just one person provides you with all information pertaining to your business. During the decades we’ve served our military patrons, we have built an outstanding model for success, and we invite you to join us. With these advantages and many more, why would you choose anyone else? 

Our Model for Success

UNFI has Military Business Consultants assigned to every location, ensuring that your needs are being met. These consultants offer operations and store-level merchandising support, coordinate special sales events and can assist selling select items at store level. Our robust and experienced support staff is dedicated to your day-to-day success. Additionally, our military partners have access to real-time, on-line information about products, inventory and merchandising support.

Our Reach

At home or abroad, UNFI's Military distribution division is dedicated to providing full-line grocery and general merchandise product availability to our service men and women. Providing national brands to commissaries and exchanges around the world, we are proud of our dedication to service, variety and quality.

Work with UNFI Military

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