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Retail Support

Retail Support

Selecting the right grocery wholesale distributor is one of the most important decisions and independent retailer can make. We believe UNFI is the wisest choice. As North America's premier food wholesaler, we’ve served some of the most successful independent retailers in the U.S. as well as international markets and American military bases around the world. That’s because we deliver innovative solutions and best-in-class programs to help them maximize sales. We are your logistics arm, your research department, your product planning manager and your biggest sales advocate.

Fresh Produce & Floral –UNFI sources an unsurpassed variety of the freshest produce at competitive prices, meeting consumer demand for quality and value. Whether from a nearby field or around the globe, we have the largest selection available across seven categories: fruit, vegetables, organic, ethnic/specialty, packaged fresh, floral and value-added. Often we’re granted exclusive first rights to a product for several growing seasons. With one of the most advanced produce distribution facilities in the nation, produce-only shipments on optimal trucks and our experienced account managers, we have eliminated up to three days from the supply chain cycle. Not only is this crucial in the highly perishable produce category, but also to your customers' in-store experience. 

Arranged fresh produce

Meat/Seafood – UNFI offers top quality “center of plate” programs at competitive prices, meeting and exceeding the high standards our wholesale customers expect and deserve. We ensure our retailers receive the necessary merchandising support and expertise in this key fresh category

  • Beef – multiple angus breed specific options including Certified Angus Beef, Angus Farms, Star Ranch, and Tender Ridge. We provide over 1.300 items and a full assortment of fresh, processed and frozen products as well as 75 private brands items.  
  • Pork – All-natural and enhanced programs from multiple suppliers to meet the diverse needs of pork consumers
  • Poultry – Premium and mainline programs from a variety of suppliers including GnP, Tyson, and Perdue chicken, and Jennie-O and Honeysuckle fresh turkey
  • Seafood – Consistently delivering fresh and frozen quality, enhanced by seasonal promotions, our seafood program helps differentiate retailers from their competition. We have expanded our seafood sustainability commitment to include both farm-raised and wild caught. 

Bakery/Deli – An important focal point inside any store, our solutions help showcase the finest ready-to-eat and take-and-bake items. UNFI support includes:

  • Merchandising standards and sales programs across fresh departments
  • Cake designs and training materials
  • Bakery/deli case & fixture recommendations from UNFI Equipment Services
  • An exceptional portfolio of deli specialty cheeses and food items under the award-winning Culinary Circle® brand
  • Production and handling sheets across multiple categories
  • Products supporting scratch bakery to fully-finished “thaw & sell” operations

Center Store – UNFI supplied retailers can rely on our support and expertise in these key departments: grocery, frozen, dairy, and GM/HBC.  We provide on-trend items, product flow, and excitement-building promotions to maximize every event on your commercial calendar. Our quality assurance team focuses on delivering only the best for your customers and driving complementary product sales throughout the store.

Pallet programs, everyday value pricing, specialty selections (such as gluten-free) and seasonal and ethnic displays are just a few of the proven solutions available. Our retailers have access to hot buys, regularly scheduled inventory closeouts, buying guides, and merchandise planning for highly consumable impulse products. 

Private Brands - Consumption of private brands is on the rise, now representing one of every four products on national store shelves. To meet this need, UNFI provides innovative and trusted brands; over 6,000 items spanning 200 categories and multiple price points. With over 2,800 items alone, Essential Everyday® is where retailers compete on the shelf.  These products meet, and often succeed, national brand standards. Our premium brand, Culinary Circle®, and our lifestyle brand, Wild Harvest®, are the ones that differentiate retailers from their competitors. All our brands reflect quality and value. Discover UNFI's complete private brand solution  

Online Tools - SVHarbor brings a new world of integration, visibility and services to the supply chain, making it easier and more efficient to conduct business with UNFI.

From nearly any personal computer with Internet access, our key customers can log on to the SVHarbor portal to manage critical aspects of their businesses - anywhere, anytime. Choosing from a wide array of services, our independent retailers can do everything from placing orders to viewing ad-planners and monitoring delivery schedules, all within a secure, Web-based environment.

SVHarbor improves supply chain efficiencies, enhances data synchronization and lowers operating costs for all participants. Visit the SV Harbor website 

Employee logs into SV Harbor website