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Grocery Merchandising Services




UNFI delivers a comprehensive array of store-level support services that help grocery retailers maximize sales through highly innovative merchandising strategies.

The Produce department at the Pequot Lakes SUPERVALU grocery store
Industry-recognized category management leadership

UNFI's comprehensive program is helping retailers meet and exceed their category management goals. In fact, retailers are realizing results that equal or exceed industry averages for dollar-sales increases, unit-sales increases and reductions in SKU counts. Through the category management process, UNFI helps retailers:

  • Construct a consumer-friendly item mix, resulting in better management of retail inventory assets and improved speed-to-shelf for new items to garner those important first-time sales.
  • Create shelf layouts that increase consumer purchases while reducing retail out-of-stocks.
  • Produce effective retail promotions that efficiently allocate promotion funds to drive sales and enhance profitability.
  • Strategically price items to heighten consumer-perceived value while maintaining gross profit at retail.
  • Create specific store strategy to address alternative-format competition and store layout recommendations to capture today's busy consumers.
Pricing services

UNFI's tactical and strategic pricing services are widely used by retailers across the country to give retailers a competitive pricing edge. UNFI integrates store data, base zone pricing, competitive pricing and best practices to make recommendations which will impact sales and gross margin. The result is better competitive positioning of the retailer versus the competition.

Center-store strategy

Grocery retailers today are increasingly losing market share to mass merchandisers, particularly in key center-store product categories such as paper products and laundry detergents. As an extension of our category management capabilities, UNFI helps retailers develop tested, effective merchandising strategy to counteract this trend and reclaim sales in center-store categories.

By applying the principles of category management to key product categories, UNFI works with grocery retailers to assess which categories are most vulnerable to attack by mass merchants. Then we assist the retailer to develop customized pricing and merchandising strategy to recapture lost categories and defend those that are potentially vulnerable.

UNFI's merchandising team provides innovative concepts, strategic pricing recommendations and vibrant promotions to deliver category growth and customer satisfaction.