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Our Brands

Our Brands

UNFI's private brands program offers products our customers seek, love and trust: value-priced alternatives to the leading national brands.  From sugar and flour to specialty items, meats and seafood served fresh daily, you'll enjoy over 5,000 great, high-quality foods and general merchandise items.

Essential Everyday: Affordable Quality Visit the Essential Everyday website
Wild Harvest: Add a Little Good to Every Day Visit the Wild Harvest website
Culinary Circle: Premium Quality Creations Visit the Culinary Circle website
Equaline: Money-Saving Health & Beauty Solutions

Private brand products are developed in UNFI's dedicated corporate facility by the Company's product development team.  The team tests and evaluates each product to ensure that internal standards are met. This process helps to maintain the quality and consistency of our private brand products and fosters brand loyalty by satisfying customer expectations for a value offering.

Meeting Customer Demand 

Our private brand offering has grown rapidly in recent years, as UNFI has increased the profile and placement of private brand products in-store and within our weekly circulars.  Strong relationships with external suppliers who manufacture all of our private brand products allow UNFI to satisfy demand in both our traditional store network, as well as with the many independent retail affiliates who carry these products in their stores.


UNFI takes a multi-tier approach to its private brand program with products ranging from restaurant-quality and organic lines to general merchandise and everyday home basics.  With multiple price points and a wide array of items emulating popular nationally-branded products, UNFI's private brand assortment can help to stretch customers' budgets.