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Food Safety



At UNFI, we believe in maintaining an unrelenting commitment to food safety and quality. The company has a comprehensive food safety and quality assurance structure in place to ensure that we’re protecting the health and safety of our customers, while offering the freshest, highest quality products.

Our Approach 

Our multi-faceted approach includes third party audits, food safety education, freshness quality standards, strict sanitation procedures and an ongoing partnership with regulatory agencies. Our retail food safety program is focused on complying with all local, state and federal regulations, while providing a comprehensive food safety structure throughout our operations including new associate food safety training, as well as ongoing training and certification. On occasions where a potential food safety or quality issue arises with a supplier or a particular product, we’ve developed one of the most effective recall systems in the industry. The process includes rapid communication to all of our stores and associates, posting in-store signage for active recalls, and prompt removal of the affected product from store shelves, storage areas and distribution centers.


A person's hand holding a tomato